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We care about the safety and return of missing family members.

We care about the safety and return of missing family members.

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In today's world, there is no day we wake up without the terrible news of one or more persons missing and families thrown into anxiety about the safety of their missing family members.

On few occasions we hear of teenagers runningaway from home, people's children been sold to a family in another part of the country,  adults been kidnapped and many people languishing in various police detention centres and prisons for unlawful arrest without their families knowing their whereabout.

Numerous media have been used to announce to the public about missing people such as the local newspapers, social media platforms as well as pictures posted within the locality of the missing person.

All these are good ways the public can help get missing people reunited with their families but do not offer a major hub that People can visit every now and then to see missing people and to post missing people to the public.

With Missingperson.com.ng, a proper hub has been well thought of to help tackle issues of missing people by creating a platform that is totally free, where the public can see and recognize missing people and reunite them with their families.