Terms of Use

terms of use

Missingperson.com.ng provide a platform where the public can upload missing people and also check regularly to take note of faces in case they come across any.  This platform has been created to help tackle the issue of missing people in the nation. This is a serious situation in which the crushing effect can have a long lasting damaging effect on any family.

For this reason, we want our users to be responsible enough to know the delicate nature of their actions by not just posting out of pannick or to prank but to post only real cases of missing people.

Many children have been traded and uploading them here can help reunite them with their parents.We are not promising that we will find any missing person but our platform is a hub which makes it easier for a wider reach and a higher chance of somebody coming across any known face.

We would love for you to visit Missingperson.com.ng regularly to be on a look out for any familiar face and help reunite families. Remember you don't have to act unconcerned until it happens to you, as we are all we have got.